Lorna has put together a step-by-step tutorial, showing how she created a pelisse (coat) from my Regency Spencer & Pelisse pattern. It includes excellent photographs and inspiring original images and shows how easy it is to modify my pattern to reproduce an extant garment. Pop on over to Lorna’s blog for all the fun. Thanks, Lorna, for letting me share here!

3 comments on “Making a Regency Long-Sleeved Pelisse”

  1. Thank you for this! Your patterns are great, authentic and accurate, instructions brilliant as well, I encourage all my students to buy them.

  2. Hello. I am getting into reinacting and am desperately searching for patterns for a 95th Rifleman outfit. I just happened across your page and saw the green behind you. I must ask out of sheer desperation…do you know where I could find/order a pattern for a 95th riflemans uniform. Cheers.

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