Suit Option Ladies' Classic 1950s WardrobeSuit Option Ladies' Classic 1950s Wardrobe


Suit Option Ladies' Classic 1950s WardrobeSuit Option Ladies' Classic 1950s Wardrobe

Size 16-26 pattern now available!

Suit Option Ladies' Classic 1950s WardrobeSuit Option Ladies' Classic 1950s WardrobeSuit Option Ladies' Classic 1950s Wardrobe
Ladies' Classic 1950s Wardrobe1950s Wardrobe Pattern

So many beautiful options!

Ladies' Classic 1950s WardrobeLadies' Classic 1950s WardrobeLadies' Classic 1950s WardrobeLadies' Classic 1950s WardrobeLadies' Classic 1950s WardrobeLadies' Classic 1950s WardrobeFull-skirted dress option Ladies' Classic 1950s WardrobeFull-skirted dress with petticoat option Ladies' Classic 1950s Wardrobe


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I provide a full range of historical patterns for ladies of all ages, covering Georgian, Regency, Romantic, Edwardian, Titanic/Teens, 1940s and 1950s styles. I also have lots of sewing tips and tutorials here to help you customize your patterns and get the perfect fit every time. New to historical sewing? Why not take a class online? I’ve got all kinds of tools to get you stitching! Warmly, Jennie Chancey

Suit Option Ladies' Classic 1950s WardrobeNow available!

The Ladies’ Classic 1950s Wardrobe Pattern has a new range of sizes–from 16 to 26. It is available for instant download as an ePattern. This pattern provides options for a full-skirted shirt dress, pencil skirt dress, blouse with peplum, separate skirts, a detachable peplum to give the look of a suit, short cuffed sleeves, tailored 3/4 sleeves, and a removable dickey. You can create an entire wardrobe full of different looks to mix and match!

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Blue is a favorite color of mine and one I've worn a lot for living history events. This is me in 2001 with my third son, waiting on a film set with other extras. When we moved to Kenya in 2011, I had to store all my crinolines and big skirts, but a few years later they had mildewed badly, so I cleaned them up and donated them to a local theater company in Alabama that was happy to have them. Now I kind of miss them. I really enjoyed my ACW reenacting days with my three oldest boys and my dashing husband. #fallforcostume #historicalfashion #historicalcostuming #antebellum #1860s #victorianfashion #victoriandress #historicalcostume #historicaldress #hoopskirt #crinoline @redthreaded ...

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The theme today for #fallforcostume is "space," and I had to share the happiest space on earth for me--South Africa's Western Cape. Do you know how important space is for your mental and emotional health and even your creativity? I have seen a lot of brilliant posts today about the impact of space on our ability to dream big and produce and expand our horizons. Not gonna lie: the last year has been the hardest of my life and has had a huge impact on my creative output. Losing my "tribe" and the tightly knit village that loved and supported our entire family for so many years was like losing limbs. I have floundered. I have wept. I have mourned. But coming back for my son's wedding this past week has brought much-needed closure and resolution. I have a new vision for a creative way forward. Watch out, world! There will be a lot more festival-going and events, and I am excited. If you lose your space, mourn for it, but don't despair. Make a new space! There is always a way forward. ❤️ #myspace #paradise #myheaven #creativity #creative #creativespace #creatives #makeitwork #mentalhealth ...

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#fallforcostume Day 12 is "future," and I definitely have this dress on my future projects list. This is my glamorous "Mimi" with my grandfather in 1943. He was a dashing WW2 ace; she was a photo retoucher in Hollywood. She made a lot of her own clothes and still used her Singer Featherweight when I was a child to make amazing gowns for my dolls. Every day was an Occasion with Mimi. When she said, "I must go to the market today," I knew that meant dressing her best, putting on a hat and gloves, and heading to town in her yellow Cadillac. When her local gas station changed to self-serve, the attendant still insisted on pumping for Mimi, and I felt like I was riding with the queen. It is from her that I learned that it's better to have a few well-chosen and beautifully cared-for outfits that you can accessorize with scarves and jewelry than to have acres of cheap, badly made things that don't fit properly. She died when I was 17 but still inspires me to make life an occasion and to dress up for loved ones and not just "company." So, one day soon I will reproduce this beautiful evening gown and wear it in tribute to her. #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #ww2 #wwtwo #vintagestyle #vintagedress #glamour #glamorous #mygrandparents #styleicon @redthreaded ...

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Today's #fallforcostume theme is "white," and I have a very special gown to go with it...but the full reveal has to wait until tomorrow, since my son can't see his bride before the big day! My sweet daughter-in-law-to-be is as big a fan of vintage and the 1950s as I am. I taught her to sew when we lived in South Africa, and I had the amazing privilege of finding her 1950s wedding gown in Alabama. Tomorrow she will walk down the aisle and into our family. I can not wait! ❤️ #weddinggown #weddingdress #wedding #lace #vintagedress #1950sfashion #1950sdress #fiftiesfashion #fiftiesdress #happyday ...

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It's #silly7th today, and, boy, did we ever have fun doing this #fancyladiesfallingdownstairs in honor of the @stlgeorgians last month! This was after our tour of @chateauvlv in all our Georgian and Regency finery. Can't wait to see all the fun pictures today. 😏 Remember, life isn't all glamour and perfection captured in perfect squares. We all have our silly, imperfect side, too. 🤪 Thanks, @pinsent_tailoring, for helping us keep perspective! #sillyseventh #funny #hystericalcostume #laughteristhebest #friendship #historicalfashion #historicalcostuming #cosplay #fallingincostume ...

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