Check out these wonderful Regency ensembles Katarina made after 25 years away from sewing!

Me and my daughter decided to attend an event with afternoon tea and a Jane Austen costume exhibition at Tjolöholms castle in Sweden. At first I was trying to find us dresses, and I had no intention to sew myself. And then I found your Regency Gown pattern. 25 years ago I sewed a lot of my clothes, but the last decades I have not sewn anything. I gave it a try and it was great fun so I made the Spencer jacket, too. And now I have a new (old) hobby!

~ Katarina M.

How delightful! I always say you never forget how to sew (it’s like riding a bicycle), and I’m so glad you decided to dive in and make these for yourself and your daughter. BRAVA!

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