I made this dress from Sense and Sensibility’s Simplicity pattern. I think that the only adaptation I made was to raise the neckline a bit. The material is silk that a friend of mine brought from Thailand for me. I added ribbon trim on the sleeves, braid around the empire waistline, and ribbon around the hem. I made the Spencer jacket based on the same pattern, using the long sleeves, and the basic bodice pattern, adapted to be a jacket instead of a dress bodice. I really liked how both pieces turned out! I can’t wait to try another of Mrs. Chancey’s patterns!

Abigail L.

This is exquisite work, Abigail! Thanks so much for sharing your handiwork. And what a gift for your friend to bring silk from Thailand!

2 comments on “Abigail’s Silk Regency Gown with Spencer”

  1. Love the color! I must say, that was a great gift from your friend! The pattern & color look great as a regency dress! Nice work!

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