Rosemary made this absolutely stunning version of the “flying dress” (isn’t it luscious?) as well as a beautiful “swim” dress seen in that section. Top-flight work, Rosemary!

Ute Fortelano of Dragonfly Formals> made this splendid version of the flying dress (as well as a “jump” dress seen in that section). Doesn’t the velvet look scrumptious? Be sure to visit Ute’s site for more of her lovely formals! She also sells on eBay under the username “dragonfly.formals4u.”

Jennifer Cech has really been turning out the “Titanic” reproductions! Take a peek at this yummy “flying” dress! Aren’t the details wonderful?

Tracie Arnold’s gorgeous version of the “Flying Dress” features 100% accurate embroidery. What detail! You can see more photos of this ensemble on Tracie’s Past & Present site!

Rachel H. poses in the “flying” dress made for her by Tina Fisher. Scrumptious!

Here is a gorgeous “flying” dress made by Jennifer, who altered the Simplicity “retro” pattern to come up with this marvelous recreation. She did all the embroidery by hand. Yummy!

4 comments on “Titanic “Flying” Dresses”

  1. Do you have a pattern for this dress I can buy I bought one already but never recieved it and bought material and have only 2 months to finish it. Please let me know thanks. Your dress is the best I have seen.

  2. Does Anyone know someone that could make either the flying dress or the jump dress for me if I gave my size? I’m looking to do a couples costume this year for a party.

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