Silk Regency Ballgown with Overdress

Silk Regency Ballgown

I sent a question back during the fall while I was sewing my daughter’s Regency gown with removable overlay (she wanted two dresses in one). You asked me to send pictures and, like most homeschool moms, it waited until summer! This is from the Simplicity pattern in silk with a removable lace overlay. We love the pattern but love the pictures (as I’m very visual) online for cutting out and sewing even more. We’ll be making another dress without the overlay for my second daughter for the Christmas formal.

Alison M.

This is a jaw-dropper, isn’t it? I simply love the beautiful aqua blue (believe it or not, it’s correct for the time period), and the removable lace overdress is just the crowning touch. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work, Alison!

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