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Regency Prom Gown


Attached are some pictures of the prom gown I made from your Regency pattern four years ago. I made a dress and a sleeveless overdress out of different satins. I played with the pattern a lot to make it my own: drafted new sleeves, changed the hem, put soft pleats in the back, and put darts in the front instead of gathers. It wasn’t perfect, but I had so much fun both making it and at the dance! Plus, I learned a lot for my next project.

As for my current dress, I’ve just finished fitting the toile for my bodiced petticoat. I move to “real” fabric on Monday. Thank you so much for your beautiful patterns and site! I love all the inspiration for alterations to the basic pattern.

God Bless,
Jenny P.

Lovely work, Jenny! Royal blue is one of my favorite colors.

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