Costumed Regency Group

Costumed Regency Group Back View

White Regency Gown White Regency Gown Back

White Regency Gown Detail

Regency Gown with Ribbon Sash Regency Gown with Ribbon Sash

Regency Gown with Ribbon Sash


I wanted to send through some pictures of the dresses I made from your patterns for a role-playing convention over Easter. The team I play in always costumes, and this year we chose the theme Regency, so I searched found and bought your patterns. I found them very easy to make and very fast to make, the online directions were fabulous, and the girl in light blue even has a boned petticoat made from those instructions. I am the only one with the short stays – though I think the girls look just as nice without them, and as you will notice, the green dress is from your drop front instructions.


Blue Regency Gown

Blue Regency Gown Closeup

Aqua Regency Gown

Aqua Regency Gown Bodice Detail

Drop-Front Regency Gown

Drop-Front Regency Gown Bodice

What a wonderful project for a group! I love the variety seen in these gowns — gathered bodices, fan bodices, drawstring bodices — all kinds are represented! Simply smashing work, Heather!

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  1. I love each and every one of these dresses. Just beautiful and you all look elegant and lovely!

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