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This year, my sister Alexandria and I made a Regency ballgown for one of our sisters. We added fan pleating (actually I cheated and just pressed the gathers) and added the crisscrossing on the sleeves (I don’t know if someone actually has a name for that kind of sleeve, I just copied it from a picture). ~ Jessica

This is a show-stopper of a dress! The sleeve design became popular in the 18-teens when the “slashing” and puffing of the 16th century experienced a brief renaissance in Regency form.

3 comments on “Regency Birthday Gown”

  1. That’s gorgeous! What kind of fabric is that? I know the design is paisley, but I would like to know what striping of the fabric is called.

    • Hi, Lizzie! Not sure if the original seamstress will see your comment, but I believe she used silk or silk taffeta. The striping is just called “stripe” — nothing special. 😉 Hope this helps!

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