I have wanted a regency dress for a long time–especially since the plethora of good Austen movies have been made available! My mother purchased “The Elegant Lady’s Closet” collection for my Christmas present last year, and since then I had wanted to make myself a dress, but lacked an something to motivate me. When we received an invitation to a Regency-style ball, I knew the time had come to make my dress. I found some dark green watermark taffeta at an online reproduction fabric store (The Dressmakers Shop). I chose to do the crossover bodice, and added an underskirt. I hand-crocheted the lace for the dress, and did a little bit of embroidery on the bottom of the over-skirt. I was very pleased with the result.

The first picture is a close-up of the bodice, showing the crocheted lace and details. (By the by, I made the jewelry for the event, as well.) The second picture is of me with my sister, who also made herself a Regency dress for the ball. The third picture is of me with a friend who made herself a Regency dress using the drawstring bodice pattern from “The Elegant Lady’s Closet.” The pattern was quite easy to use, and the result was very pleasing! Thank you to Sense and Sensibility Patterns!

Rachel R.

Wonderful work, Rachel! Looks like you had a fantastic time, and your sister’s and friend’s gowns are also stunning! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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