First, the toile dress is my recent version of the 17080s Girl’s Portrait Dress pattern.ย  Olivia is a good sport and enjoys all the new dresses her mum makes for her. She enjoys wearing her hats and is pleased to have another one to add to her collection.

Second is the latest historically inspired dress for Olivia using the same pattern. Olivia was pleased to have a fancy silk dress made for Christmas and she helped in the picking out of the fabrics. I chose to make this a polonaise style dress and included some historically inspired trim for the dress. I made several changes to the pattern, but I am pleased with how it turned out and Olivia feels like a princess in it. Big sis, Merissa ( took the pictures.

Three fancy dresses from this pattern will keep Olivia clothed for a little while, that is until that next growth spurt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Carol K

It has been a joy to watch Miss Olivia grow up through years of Show and Tell. We’ve seen her in Regency dresses, nightgowns, even bathing dresses created by her talented Mama. But these pictures absolutely take the cake! I just about fell out of my chair when I opened them up. My own girls jumped up and down with excitement when they saw them, and I’ve now got requests for red polonaise dresses. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Absolutely stunning. And to see the gowns out in the snow! Beautiful! Thank you, Carol!

14 comments on “Olivia’s 1780s Dresses-WOW!”

  1. Carol, you have outdone yourself on these gowns for Olivia! I would have died of happiness if my mummy had made me dresses like these to wear at Christmas. Did you use these pictures on your Christmas cards this year?

  2. These dresses are stunning! Beautiful work Carol! The photography is excellent as well, and I can’t help but say that the last picture is just too precious. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Both dresses are gorgeous! She is a very lucky girl, & a very pretty girl! You did a wonderful job! I love blue dresses, so of course I love her blue toile dress, but the shade of red on her other dress is stunning!

  4. No, Rebecca, we did not, although I did think of it? In the end, we did not send out Christmas cards or letters. We may still do one for the New Year.

    These were very fun to make for Olivia.

    Thank you for your kind compliments. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Oops, I thought I could reply individually to the comments, I guess not.

    Thank you for your kind words, everyone. We are truly blessed with this young lady. I am one happy mum to be able to make garments for this little princess. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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