Thank you so much for providing this lovely apron pattern. One day while watching The Masterpiece Theatre’s utterly perfect rendition of “Pollyanna,” I promised myself I would one day find an Edwardian apron pattern similar Nancy’s (the maid). I hunted high and low until I remembered seeing an apron pattern here and, to my great rejoicing, it was Edwardian!

I made the summery, lightweight apron for myself last winter. It has traveled from the second-northernmost village in Alaska, all the way down to Florida since that time. I was visiting my grandparents in Iowa when the photos were taken. I was having the time of my life–hanging laundry in the fresh country air is a luxury for this Arctic gal! =)

Wearing my apron has been such a delight! The reddish floral apron in the other photos is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

Naomi U.

Lovely work, Naomi! We love the Masterpiece “Pollyanna,” too. šŸ™‚

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