Here are two of my latest creations–gowns created from Mrs. Chancey’s lovely pattern! Being as I’ve been in an ‘Edwardian Fashion Craze’ for the last couple of months, I decided to buy the pattern and make the dress for a yearly dance we have at my parish. The dress I wore is the yellow-colored one–my friend is modeling it for me. : ) The only change I made was to tuck up the front overskirt. I danced all night- I suppose it’s either because of the dress or the fragrance I was wearing!

After the dance, I wanted to make another dress of the same pattern… so I created the blue one. I tore apart a vintage dress to make (don’t worry, the dress was frail and too small for me) the over skirt and the overlay in the inset. I extended the sleeves for a different look, and added a knitted lace collar. I am wearing this one in the photos. God bless!

Marlene E. S.

You two look darling, Marlene! I bet you had so much fun at the dance. Thanks for sharing!

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