I wore my summer crossover gown to work Wednesday, and my friend kindly took some pictures of me outside. I was surprised when I saw the front view at how modern looking it is – I suppose the fact that I made it shorter has something to do with that, but I didn’t expect it. I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough fabric, and I knew I really wanted that extra panel on the skirt – that was important, and I’m glad I made it! I asked my friend to take a closeup so you could see the fabric, but it’s not very easy to see the gold dots on it – I really fell in love with it as soon as I saw it – and only $2.99 a yard! I’m intending to make an early spring gown next, with long sleeves, I think! And a higher neck. Well, thanks for making the patterns, Jennie! I know I need a lot of practice, but I just love these gowns – I feel the urge to make a multitude of them! Cheerfully, Lisa G.

See? Regency gowns can work for everyday as well! This lovely librarian is a fellow Jane Austen fan and created an Austen display at her library. The crossover gown was just an appropriate addition!

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