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I got the itch to make my first Regency gown after watching the A&E ‘Pride & Prejudice’ for the 50 millionth time. I had also just picked up a copy of the Simplicity printing of Sense & Sensibility’s Regency Gown pattern. I knew I wanted a silk ballgown, so I started doing some research and looking on EBay for a good deal on fabric. I found a seller on EBay who was selling beautiful, vintage saris from India. What more could I want than vintage, embroidered Indian silk?!?! Saris have lots of different patterns in them, and many times have several borders that you can incorporate on a gown in different places.

Using the Simplicity printing of Sense & Sensibility’s pattern was so wonderful! It went together very easily and I had no problems. Because of my body shape, I didn’t want much extra fabric in the skirt for pleating or gathers in the back. So, I cut the same size I cut for the bodice and there was very little extra. You can see from the pictures that the back is only pleated a tiny amount. I have used this pattern over again four times and I love it! For those of my friends who wanted a more full skirt, I just cut a larger skirt and pleated it. Thanks for such a wonderful pattern company, research site, and everything! ~ Kieran S.

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