When choosing a design for my flowergirls’ dresses, your Girls’ Romantic Dress pattern was perfect – it had the fitted bodice and full skirt I was looking for, without a neckline that belongs on an adult. The only change I had to make was to lengthen the skirts. The green dress also has a waistband, because I forgot seam allowances when lengthening the skirt, but I think it makes it look a little more ‘grown up’ since Jade is 4 years older than her next cousin. I also added belt/sash loops to Milla’s cream dress, so they can change the look with different coloured sashes. The dresses made up beautifully in cotton sateen, and were just as easy to make as your Regency pattern, which I have used before.

I was most grateful for your advice on sizing, as my nieces are tiny. Jade (9) ended up in a size 4, though we had to enlarge the armscye, Alice (5) wore a size 2, Amy (2) got size 1, and little Milla (6 days shy of her first birthday) also had a size 1 but with bigger seam allowances, and a shorter skirt. My nieces all love them – Alice was thrilled to get a purple dress, and kept asking if she got to keep it, while her sister Amy (in blue) now wears her ‘wedding dress’ all the time – if she’s not wearing it, it’s because it’s in the wash, she’s asking where it is.

Katie L.

Your nieces are adorable, Katie, and I can tell they loved wearing their dresses. The littlest one in her vintage carriage is utterly darling! Thanks for sharing!

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