This was a Regency dress I made by playing around with several different patterns I found (one of which was yours). Instead of a button closer in the back I decided to use a drawstring closer and hid part of that by the waistline ribbon. It won first place at the County Fair! Which made me very happy but I realized when I tried it on for these photos, it was a size too small… hahaha I hadn’t measured the bust correctly… oh well, I have a cousin who is a little smaller “up-top” than me and she has enjoyed the dress. I plan on making more in the coming months ahead and this time I will measure twice or perhaps even three times so I WON’T have that little mishap again.

Katie H.

Congrats on the win, Katie! You did a beautiful job, and, yes, measuring is vital. I have to get someone else to measure me, because it is hard to do it on myself–but it’s too important to skip. Great work!

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