I love the flow and romantic idea behind the Regency. I’m also interested in the Social History of the time. I’ve been doing my homework and I really wanted to make some dresses for church or reenactment if I can get involved with it somehow.  Anyway, I had found these cotton fabrics and just loved them, so while I was house-sitting for a friend and her family I decided I’d FINALLY get the Regency Era dresses done. Here they are… Let me know what you think. I like feedback.

Katie H.

You did a beautiful job on both dresses, Katie! I love the small prints, which work well for this time period. If you want to get involved in reenacting and living history events, definitely invest the time to make all the correct underpinnings (chemise, stays, and petticoat). They will “finish” the look of the period by giving you the proper Regency/empire silhouette. Have fun!

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