Katie H. from the Oregon Regency Society has two dresses from the Sense & Sensibility Regency Gown pattern. The first one is an all pale blue dress with a silk chiffon overlay and white lace trim. Her mother, Ruth, adapted the pattern for her and added the extra fullness in the back of the dress. The second dress is from the same pattern, also with extra fullness. It is made from a soft, lightweight cotton covered in little blue sparkly dots, kind of like a dotted Swiss. The only trim is a ribbon flower garland going around the neck and then continuing to the hem in the back. A turquoise ribbon completes this simple dress. The Regency gown pattern fits Katie very well and is very comfortable to wear. Katie is also wearing (but you can’t see!) the short stays which she says are very comfortable to wear.

Ruth H.

This is utterly beautiful work, Ruth! Kudos to you for all the detail that went into these stunning gowns, and thanks for sharing!

4 comments on “Katie’s Regency Ballgowns”

  1. I love both of these dresses but by far the light blue. Great job on both and I love the detail on the back of the white dress too.

  2. Simply lovely, Ruth!….. I’m guessing (I’m an extremely novice seamstress) the extra fullness in the back is not part of the pattern. That is, you added it yourself to what the pattern shows. Since I am a plus-size woman considering making a Regency gown for myself, I am wondering if I will need to add more fullness to the skirt.

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