Thank you for the e-mail guidance on fitting my stays. I am delighted with the results. Here are pictures of me in the short stays and chemise. Also pics of Regency Society of Virginia ladies on a recent outing to James Monroe’s home near Charlottesville, VA. I am the one in the multi-colored floral print – also an S&S a pattern. You will no doubt see that other ladies are wearing various pieces of your designs! Thank you again for your email and for your very “doable” patterns.
Kathleen K.

P.S. Now that I look at the photos it looks like the shoulder straps were slipping down off my shoulders. But I assure you everything “stay”ed right in place all morning and afternoon at Charlottesville – and we were doing English country dance with the gentlemen just prior to the photos taken in the field. RSV (Regency Society of Virginia) is mostly folks like me, men and women, who live in khakis and plain shirts so that we can spend time and money instead in pursuit of the gorgeosity of other times. About two feet of my closet and a couple of dresser drawers are devoted to the boring stuff that I HAVE to wear in the 21st century. My fashion mantra is, “nothing worth wearing was designed after 1955”.

Beautiful work on your Regency chemise and stays, Kathleen! I love the perfect fit, and the dresses look marvelous over the proper underthings!

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  1. they look great! I am just starting my first time with the stays.. though I have been looking at doing them for a couple years now..

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