Regency Gown with open robe Regency Couple
Girls' Regency Dress and Open Robe Regency Girl with Fan

Hi Jennie,

Last year my self and my family went to a Regency dance. I made all 3 dresses and open robes. I used the Elegant Lady’s Closet and the original Regency Gown pattern for my daughter’s dress. I used the Elegant Lady’s Closet to make the open robes with modifications.

Regency Family Regency Father & Daughter

The dance was held at our pioneer village and I got a lot of comments on how accurate the dresses were. They were a big hit. Thank you for such wonderful patterns.


Wow, Kari! This was an amazing labor of love, and you used such lovely materials and colors. The open robes look like they were inspired by Janet Arnold, and you did a great job modifying the ELC pattern to make those. Well done! Thank you so much for sharing your work. 🙂

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