I made this for funsies. It is off-white sprigged lawn I got on major sale. Yummy. It is actually a re-do. The first time, I made the top 4 sizes too big in the other top option. Rats! >:( I did terrible things to try to make it work, before hanging it in a corner of my closet, glaring at it, shutting the doors firmly and walking away until such time as I could look at it without pouting.

Finally, I took off the top and did it again from scratch! I learned from my mistakes the first time and it went together beautifully.

Sometimes projects just don’t go smoothly. You just have to take a deep breath and get out that seam ripper! Most of the useful things I’ve learned while sewing have been the result of messing up and thinking about it while I used my much-used seam ripper.


Oh, what fun! I got such a big kick out of this, because I, too, had to learn to make my seam ripper my best friend when my mother was teaching me to sew. And I have three of them in convenient places, following the motto, “As ye sew, so shall ye rip!” LOL! Thanks for sharing your lovely work, Jana!

4 comments on “Jana’s Sprigged Lawn Regency Gown”

  1. An excellent seamstress told me when I was a child and learning to sew, “A good seamstress knows how to rip.” That’s stuck with me.

    Congrats on finishing the project!

  2. I to had to learn to use my seam ripper and they lay next to all my machines. Today theirs 3 sewing machines on the kitchen table. Also there is a ripper next to the iron, it’s a tool that a seamstress has to have. My cousin uses a jewelry tool to magnify her work when she does her ripping.
    The dress looks great.

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