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Hello! I received your Elegant Ladies Closet and Regency Underthings patterns for my 16th birthday this past December, and was so elated! A dear friend of mine and I are planning to do a Regency challenge for all of 2009, wearing only period correct Regency clothing the whole year, so I got to sewing my first gown as soon as I found some nice fabric in my stash. I’ve made a complete outfit: chemise, stays, and gown. I did only a bit of it by hand, as I wanted to get used to the pattern, and this is just my ‘practice’ gown. šŸ™‚ I wanted to make the gown a little more fancy but still simple, and when I came across the purple print material I knew exactly how my gown was going to look! šŸ™‚ After showing it to my friends, I’ve got two who are asking me to make them gowns! Eek! I’m going to be ordering your Regency Gown pattern, and the Pelisse/Spencer pattern very soon! šŸ™‚


This is a fantastic Regency Gown–hard to believe it’s her first! But I’ve always been so happy to see beginners turn out some of the most stunning work. What a delight!

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  1. Wow this is beautiful! I like how you made it with a split front skirt and used two different shades of the same color. Great job!

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