I am sending pictures of a few of the dresses I have made for my girls using your pattern. I have also made oodles of pantaloons and have even used that pattern to make jammy pants for my son. We all have had such fun with our dresses and have worn one of them almost every day. Sadly, my big girls are outgrowing the dresses, but my youngest will have many years left! I was browsing the S&S message board about two years ago and saw the picture Carol posted of her daughter Olivia in her yellow nightgown and I knew that I must get that pattern right away (and I DID make my youngest a yellow nightgown similar to Olivia’s 🙂 ). Now, I need to make up some Spencer jackets, especially after seeing some of the other pictures from your site. I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for the pattern that has brought so much joy to our lives this past year!

Jennifer P.

What a bevy of beautiful dresses! And aren’t her daughters adorable? I love all the play clothes and dressier ones as well. Thanks for sharing!!!

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