Girls' Regency Dresses | Sense & Sensibility Patterns Girls' Regency Dress & Pelisse | Sense & Sensibility Patterns


I simply love all of the Sense and Sensibility patterns, especially because I am permitted to use them professionally. When a friend commissioned me to make a dress for her little girl, I knew exactly where to find the perfect pattern. Her description of the ‘dream outfit’ fit the Regency dress and pelisse closely, so I ordered the patterns. Needless to say, the little girl loves the outfit, and I loved making it! I have since used the pattern to make three more dresses, and I’m in the midst of helping my eleven-year-old sister as she creates her own version. ~Jordan N. age 15

These are absolutely lovely outfits. I especially like the dress with the underskirt and sash. Thanks for sharing, Jordan!

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