Well, I finally finished the Swing dress last week. It’s taken me awhile to get some photos together, since I had to lasso my Mom to be my photgrapher. But I attached some to this email to show you! I know the dress has its various flaws, but for a first-time dress for me, I am quite pleased that it’s even wearable. (I wore it to church this past Sunday…) I made the dress using a lovely linen material that is worth all the ironing. 😉 Thanks for helping me figure out to shorten the bodice, Jennie!


Isn’t this absolutely darling? I love the peach linen. Genevieve wrote me last month to ask for help in shortening the bodice of this dress (we short-waisted ladies always have to tweak that area). I sent her some illustrations to guide her through the process, and I went ahead and added them to my “How to Resize a Pattern” tutorial, since patterns with odd shapes can be a real challenge. Thanks so much for sharing your success, Genevieve!

9 comments on “Genevieve’s Linen Swing Dress”

  1. I love it! I go swing dancing sometimes, & I love the style of dresses from the 1940’s. For your first dress, you did a great job!

  2. I agree with the ladies above – this is definitely the best version of the S&S Swing dress pattern I’ve seen yet! You fit the dress superbly, and I love the fact that the bodice is smooth and fitted, rather than too loose like some ladies make it. : ) Excellent work!

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