I made these two dresses from your Regency pattern. It was really a lot of fun to make them and I didn’t have any problems at all.

The dark red dress I based off a dress Dolley Madison wore. It was my first time using silk and I love the colors. It’s really a lot of fun to wear and very Christmas-y.

The other dress I made when I learned my parents were planning a wedding vow renewal ceremony. Since the planning my mother’s leukemia has come out of remission but she wanted me to make the dress anyway.

The dress is made out of quilter’s cotton with a silk sash and a bonnet I commissioned.

Both dresses are a lot of fun to wear but it was cold outside in the back yard!


These are wonderful outfits, Erin! I especially love all the trimmings and your stunning bonnet.  I am a huge Dolley Madison fan, so I recognized the red dress right off! Thank you so much for sharing.

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