Claudia's Gown Claudia Seated

Claudia Seated 2

I made this dress based on the drawstring pattern, size 20 . I am Dutch and in European terms it would be a size 46. Although I made a judgment error (double layered the bodice, and the two fabrics combined are too stiff), I am still quite pleased with the result. The colors are a bit ‘serious’ for the period, however, I fell in love with the fabrics and simply had to use them. I have seen some fortyish, full figured ladies like myself in the Jane Austen movies wearing dark colors like these, so I am not too concerned. Because of my belly, I made the skirt somewhat more A-shaped than the original pattern. Now it’s my 16-year-old daughter’s turn. I promised her I would make a more ‘gothic’ version for her, mostly in black. I know, it’s not correct for the period, but it is a lot of fun.

Thank you so much, Jennie, for your kind help and advice.

~ Claudia H.

Beautifully done, Claudia! The color suits you, and your fichu and hairstyle are great! I bet your daughter will love her gown!

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