Charity (age 14) cut out and sewed this dress from your Regency Era pattern. She did all the cutting and sewing on her own. The dress is fully lined, and she managed to get the placket nicely done even with that! This was the first dress she has ever cut and sewn every single stitch herself. I assisted her with some pinning and ripping out. Charity picked out the fabric at JoAnn’s when it was on sale. It’s a light weight fabric with little “flecks” that are raised–not sure what it would be officially called. It’s likely not at all period correct, but she wasn’t caring about that–just wanted something comfortable and summery.

And yes, Charity really is playing her violin in those pictures–not just posing! She loves to stand outside to play. While her dress was worn today for the first time, I’m sure it was just the first of many times. Charity is eager to start on another dress that will be a gingham check in a linen/cotton combo fabric. She also has your 1914 Afternoon Dress and eventually wants to make a dress from that pattern that will have embroidery on it.

Hope Anne

Fantastic work, Charity! I love seeing young ladies make their own creations from my patterns. Thank you so much for sharing!

4 comments on “Charity’s Regency Dress”

  1. You stuck with it when you didn’t want to and look how beautiful it is and you are more beautiful for having made it through.

  2. It’s lovely – the fabric looks beautiful. Regency dresses feel lovely to play the violin in.
    If you love both costume and violin, see if you can find a band/ensemble who play for historical balls. I’ve done a couple and it’s marvellous fun.

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