I’ve been meaning to send you some pictures of my Regency ball gown that a friend and I made way back in September ’05. I chose a satin for the undergown/lining. The over dress is made from a voile from Ikea. I wore the dress to a Hornblower convention in October held in Portsmouth, UK during Trafalgar weekend (21st October is Trafalgar day) 2005 was the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar, and we had a grand dinner on the Sunday night complete with Regency dancing. The buttons on the gown are Naval themed with anchors and chains. The dress is a tad creased after its latest outing (I tacked roses across the bodice and the hem) as a flower fairy to a birthday party. I did think because the dress was for a one off that it didn’t matter, but I have the bug and I want more dresses now so I think it’s the time to think about making some stays. Thank you for the wonderful pattern. ~ Ceri J.

Luscious colors and that shimmery voile is wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Ceri!

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