Dear Jennie,

Here is the picture of the latest gown I made. I simply love your patterns! This time I used “The Elegant Lady’s Closet” to make a sheer simple cottondress for around 1800. It was so easy and fast to sew (ok, I omitted the lining for being faster šŸ˜‰ and it fits so well (I only had to rise the waistline about half an inch) I made it in one single day!

I already have quite some Regency dresses, but we were invited to a picknick, and I discovered that I have no simple white dress (only one appropriate for eveningwear) and so two days before the picknick I decided that I needed a new dress…


Another beautiful gown, Cecilia! I always love to see your work. You look picture-perfect for a Regency outing!

2 comments on “Cecilia’s Regency Day Dress”

  1. Hi. I see you made the regency dress. I’m going to attempt making two of the regency era dress and concerned about the undergarments. Can I get buy with a modern day bra for a “for now, one time wearing”?

    • Hi, Barbara! You can get away with a regular bra if you are under a “C” cup and using the original Regency Gown pattern. But if you are “D” or above, I just strongly recommend proper stays (or a minimizer bra) to prevent the “bullet” look and create a more correct silhouette. Hope this helps, and Happy Sewing!

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