Dear Jennie,

First I want to thank you for having made such a great pattern! I love to work with it, it is so versatile and it fits so well. Here I have changed the Regency Gown into a bib-front gown and added a shirred bib. The ruffle around the hem is shirred with cording.


This is a stunning use of my pattern. I just sat here and drooled for a while as the photos downloaded. I’ve got an online tutorial for making a bib-front version of the Regency Gown, but Cecilia took it up another notch by shirring the front panel. WOW! Simply gorgeous, and thanks for sharing your work, Cecilia!

8 comments on “Cecilia’s Bib-Front Regency Gown”

  1. Your gown is beautiful. The shade of blue is very flattering. I would like to know where you purchased your bonnet – it is darling, and I am looking for one like that to wear with my Regency gowns.

  2. Yes, you do look like Marianne Dashwood! I love the photographs, especially the one by that stone wall in the field. Would that be Colonel Brandon? šŸ™‚
    The fabric is so lovely, I always love blues. The bonnet is stunning! Excellent work…

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