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It’s finished. Here I am wearing my new, much better fitting, Edwardian Apron. Thank you very much for all the improvements on this pattern. This is sure to become a favorite for me. ~ Carol. K.

Note how Carol changed the straps to criss cross over the back and tie through loops on the back waistband. Ingenious! I absolutely love this idea and incorporated it into my Girls’ Edwardian Apron Pattern!

7 comments on “Carol’s Edwardian Apron”

  1. what do I need to change when cutting and sewing to accomplish what Carol did?
    A friend made the size 16 -18 and the straps slide off my shoulder at least the one side

    • Hi, Ellen! Carol simply switched the back straps (sewing left to right and right to left at the shoulder) and extended them long enough to cross over and tie. She added loops at each edge of the back for the ties to pass through before tying. This is exactly how the Girls’ Edwardian Apron is designed, because it is much easier to wear as a child grows. Hope this helps!

  2. Could Carol tell me how much longer she made the back straps? I do not like to just guess how long neither do I like strings that are too short to tie easily i like her length of straps /ties

  3. did carol use matching homemade bias binding or did she simply hem the edges on the whole apron? I am wondering if it would work if I did that ?

    • She used binding made from the same material, which is what I recommend. There really isn’t room to turn under a nice hem on the straps. The lower edge is hemmed, but neckline and straps are bound. Hope this helps!

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