Here are a couple pictures of the skirt I made using your Beatrix skirt pattern, inspired by Cattle Kate skirts! All I did was to take the back skirt piece and put it on the fold, backed away from the fold by about 2″. Then I made a placket in the back that is hidden by the gathers. I took about 13″ off the bottom and added a 12″ flounce. I just wanted to give you the idea of what else is being done with your pattern! 🙂 I know several of the ladies on the S&S board were saying how much they like the skirts from Cattle Kate, but the price was expensive…..I just wanted them to know you can do it for less….if they have your pattern, and if they don’t, well then they have a reason to purchase it! 🙂 Carol K.

Great ideas, Carol!

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