Using your Elegant Ladies’ Closet and Underthings patterns, I made this dress for our school’s district-wide Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day has been going on here in Delaware Co., Ohio, for over 30 years for all the 3rd-graders. Delaware, Ohio was established as a town in 1815, bringing many East Coast pioneers to the region. Thus, the Regency Gown was a perfect match.

I thoroughly enjoyed your patterns and am impressed by the step-by-step detail and time you take for the customer to have success. In my previous life, I was an educator for a major sewing machine company, and have much respect and high expectations for home-based sewing businesses.

Thank you and all the best for your future…!

Amy D.B.

Living history events are so much fun. You did a splendid job with your drawstring dress, Amy! I particularly love the stripes, especially the horizontal accent band around the hemline. Beautiful!

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