I made this dress for a school dance last winter. I didn’t decide on my fabric until just a couple days before the event. I had to work quickly to finish in time, which I did, thanks to my mom and my sister! 🙂 I did make some short-cuts–the dress had no back closure until a couple weeks ago so my sister had to sew me into it!

I used the e-pattern, and printing it was a cinch. The pattern itself was quite easy to work with, even though this was my first real dress. I really enjoyed it, and love my dress! Thank you for your beautiful patterns, Mrs. Chancey!

~ Amy

Wonderful work, Amy! I love your hairstyle, and the photo with the flowers is enchanting. 🙂

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  1. Thanks Mrs. Chencey. Consiquintly, I just bought the Romantic Dress pattern, as I just fell in love with Amy’s Dress. But, I was wondering, would you be able to tell from her pictures if she hand gauged the skirt, or pleated it??

    I have read the instructions over, and over again, and am unsure as to weather I should gauge it or pleat it (it is going to be four panels).

    Does one option turn out better then the other???

  2. Johanna Rose,
    I actually did not gauge or pleat the skirt, just plain gathers. As I only did three 45″ panels in the skirt, there was no need to gauge, and pleats scare me. 🙂
    I don’t know what would be better for your dress, since I don’t know what kind of fabric, or style you’re using, but it seems like it depends on what you want the finished dress to look like, and what works best with your fabric.
    You’ve probably already decided how to finish your dress, but if you haven’t, I hope this is helpful.

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