Regency Wedding Gown


Isn’t this a heavenly looking wedding? The ladies are positively ethereal in their Regency gowns! Writes Amie,

Hi! I was browsing your site again recently and was suddenly inspired to send you some photos for your show and tell page. I was married in May 2001 and had a Regency-themed wedding. I used your Regency dress pattern for my bridesmaids’ dresses. (The flower girl’s dress was from a Simplicity pattern.) They all made their own dresses, some with help from friends or relatives. They turned out beautifully, and the girls all seemed to enjoy making them. My dress was custom-made by a reputable company that makes period clothing, and we used your “Emma” wedding dress as the basis for our design. As you can see, we made some alterations, and I was so pleased with the result. Thank you for your commitment to making feminine clothing for women. It is so hard to find these days! Sincerely,
Amie B.

Positively inspiring!

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