I came across this pretty blush silk on clearance at a local fabric store and bought it, not sure what I wanted to do with it until my husband and I decided to take a cruise to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Immediately, I decided to make a tea gown for one of the two formal nights. I headed in to find lace and lucked out on the last bit of a bolt that was just enough for this gown.

I felt very feminine and lady-like in this dress and recieved several compliments during the formal evening. It’s become one of my favorite dresses for ‘dress-up’ events. Thank you for such a lovely pattern!


Lovely, lovely work, Karen! I love your fabric and color choices. You look queenly!

6 comments on “1910s Tea Gown for a Special Trip”

  1. I love the design, and I saw the “helping discussion on how-to detail this sewing project”.

    The dress is beautifully shown on the cruise!

    Is the pattern for sale? called “tea gown”.

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