These paintings were done in the Victorian era but showcase the fashions of a generation before. The gorgeous portrait on the left shows the Grecian influence so prevalent during the Regency period (particularly early on). Note the trim on the sleeves and the gold band in the lady’s hair. I just love this painting, which was based upon a real Regency fashion plate. The very elegant lady on the right wears a bright yellow gown with a fantastic shawl. The painting is by American artist Charles Sprague Pearce in a very pre-Raphaelite style, but I do love the details, and the outfit is quite accurate. Note the tall hat. Thank you to Verity for the scans!

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  1. Would you mind telling us the painters’ names? I love the left painting, and would love to know more about it.

    • Hello! The painting on the left appears to be a later copy of an original portrait by Elizabeth Vigee le Brun. The one on the right is unknown to me. I have never been able to trace the original artist, but it looks like it comes from the Pre-Raphaelite period. UPDATE! A customer found this painting in July of 2010. It is by American artist Charles Sprague Pearce. Many thanks to Michelle W. for sharing her discovery!

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