Top left: “Mariann” and “Elinor” ride in the coach to their new home in “Sense and Sensibility.” I love the bonnet Kate Winslet is wearing. Top center: The Dashwood ladies listen attentively to their mysterious guest. Mariann’s daydress is simple and lovely. Top right: Elinor meets Miss Lucy Steele. Note the pelisse Elinor is wearing–a style seen briefly in the late 1790s. Middle left and center: Willoughby and Mariann picnic together. Mariann’s pelisse is similar in style to Elinor’s. I love her hat in this scene as well. Middle right: Elinor and Mariann. Bottom: Elinor and Mariann at the ball in London. Note the wide trim at the top of Elinor’s gown and the fitted sleeves on Mariann’s gown.

3 comments on “Sense & Sensibility (1995) Film Costumes”

  1. Another beautiful film with wonderful actors. The dresses in this film are also one of my inspirations.

  2. The dress that maryanne is wearing while sitting on the ground. I love this dress, do you have this pattern? If so which one is it? Thank you!

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