1904 fashion circular, featuring girls' dresses.
Here are several girls’ day dresses from a 1904 fashion circular. When you view ladies’ outfits from the same year, you can see how girls’ things parallel what was available for women–just with shorter skirts. At this early date, the leg o’mutton sleeve was still hanging on from the 1890s, but mainly for younger girls.

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  1. I would love it if you made patterns for these dresses in the girls 1904 circular! My girls want dresses like Felicity, Sarah and Cecily wore in Road to Avonlea and I can’t find good patterns for this specific time anywhere!

    • Hi, Tricia! Thanks for the suggestion. Just a quick note that you can get really close to this look with my Girls’ 1914 Dress pattern. All you need to do is swap in a gored skirt that’s longer (calf-length) and add the elbow-to-wrist sleeve bands below the puffed sleeves. If you want to do the high collar, it’s not difficult to add a lace band to the neckline. Drop me a line if you want an illustration! 😉

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