Hailing itself as “the oldest mail order house on the coast,” Weinstock, Lubin Co. of Sacramento, CA, offered a mind-boggling array of clothing and accessories for women and children in the early 20th century. Included in this eBook are 125 pages of beautifully illustrated garments–from chemises and corsets to dresses to outerwear, stockings, shoes, and hats. All the pages are in the original sepia tone and scanned at a high-quality resolution so you can zoom in for all the beautiful details. Lots of descriptive text helps interpret what was on offer in 1915. Just a wonderful resource all around!

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  1. I have a trunk full of old clothing and fabric, from this old homestead in Mendocino County, and I found a price tag with this companies name, thanks for your publishing, I bet some of these clothes came from this place at just this time.

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