This is a March, 1920, newspaper tabloid insert filled with the latest fashions for ladies and girls (for patterns that would become available in April 1920). This is right before the dawn of the “flapper” era with its shorter skirts and bobbed hairstyles. In a way, this represents the last gasp of the 19-teens with its long, flowing skirts and abundant hair (there’s even an ad on the back page for “Danderine” shampoo that shows very long hair). You get eight oversized pages (scanned at high resolution for great quality) of detailed fashion illustrations and descriptions, including a wide center piece in color. [A helpful note: The tabloid is numbered to page ten but doesn’t have a page 2 or a page 3 — the back side of the front page is numbered 4! No clue why the pages are thus misnumbered, but the tabloid is intact.]

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    • Hi, Kailyn! There’s no author or editor listed, as this isn’t an article but an illustrated insert with all the new patterns for April 1920. Paul Block is listed as advertising director. Hope this helps!

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