Over the past 13 years, I’ve revisited patterns many times to make changes, correct errors, or add something to the instructions or illustrations. Most of these changes have come from suggestions made by my wonderful customers, and I always appreciate the feedback. As I’ve sewed for my growing daughters, I’ve started making notes on what needs tweaking, so there are some changes afoot!

In using the Regency patterns for my girls in the past year, I’ve found that the Girls’ Spencer Jacket has too much “ease” (extra room for movement). Back when I designed that pattern, I had only a nine-month-old baby girl and a few unwilling boys to try on my creations (LOL!), so I had to rely on measurements and hope I’d added enough ease for movement through all sizes. Now that my girls are bigger, I’ve found there’s definitely too much room in the Jacket pattern to make it nicely fitted, so that one’s going on the “chopping block” first. šŸ˜‰ Then I’ll be revisiting the Regency Dress for girls, as a couple of customers have alerted me that the larger sizes run too small when it comes to ease. While I’m at it, I’ll go ahead and size this pattern up to girls’ 14, as there are many tall girls who aren’t ready for the ladies’ pattern.

Thanks for your patience while I work out these quirks. And, remember, if you’ve already purchased a pattern that is later updated, you get the updates for free in PDF format–no need to purchase the pattern all over again!



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  1. 3/8 overall or just at the waist and then redrawing the rest? I have nieces of probably every size and will be happy to make samples of some sizes you need. I already have all the girl patterns and have always made a couple sizes too big for growing room so never noticed if they’re too tight because of that. I can see about matching up the girls by size to dresses of their current sizes.

    • I’ll edit the post to clarify this, but you only need to enlarge the waist (lower 2-3 inches of each bodice piece). When the laser plotter drafted the smaller sizes, it basically shaved off the seam allowance at the lower edges. No clue why; that’s what I need the plotter gal to figure out! Thanks.

    • Oh, and a quick note on matching dresses to off-the-rack dresses of a similar size: it won’t work, as off-the-rack clothing doesn’t have a “standard” set of measurements like patterns do. A size “6” from the store won’t match a size 6 in patterns. I’ve already got someone who has taken careful measurements of all the finished garment sizes for the girls’ patterns so I can see where ease is needed. But thanks for offering!

      • Most of the clothing the little girls in my family wear have been handmade by someone. I know their pattern sizes, but not the off-the-rack sizes. šŸ™‚ It’s hard enough keeping track of what my own off-the-rack size is because of how often vanity sizing changes it. Patterns keep it nice and stable.

  2. Thanks Jennie, for posting this update. I’m hoping to make an Easter dress, with the 1780s portrait dress, for my daughter. She is pretty tiny, but probably normal in height, so I will be sure to check the measurements before I trace.

  3. Will there be a way to purchase only the larger sizes of the Girls’ Regency dress if we already own the pattern? Even if not, thank you for adding the sizes! I’m very excited as my eleven year old daughter is still definitely a little girl but many patterns stop at size 8 or 10.

    • Hi, Angie! Customers who have already purchased this pattern will not need to buy it all over again to get sizes 12 and 14. All I’ll need is a receipt number or email address used to place the order to look folks up for order confirmation. Then I’ll send a PDF with the new pattern pieces. Thanks for asking!

      • Oh dear, I bought the pattern, the e-one, years ago and can’t remember the e-mail address used. To cut down on the chance of unwanted spam, we used free e-mail accounts for online purchasing, and if a while goes by between purchased, we don’t always remember the account, so just make a new one.

        Could e-mailing the .pdf file to you, the copy from my computer, to you serve as proof of ownership?

        • No need to do that. Just drop me a line with the full name used to place the order, and I can look you up in the Paypal records (orders date back to 2000!). Cheers, Jennie

  4. That sounds wonderful Jennie! My almost 12 year old is tall but very petite in size so she needs the height of a small woman but the sizing of a girl! This should solve the problem, she loves the regency pattern!

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Jennie, what about those of us who bough paper patterns? I bought mine back in sometime round 2003, give or take a year in either direction, from a small store that sold all kinds of patterns except the big 4. There’s no chance I still have the receipt after this many years.

    • No problem, Jessica! We have all receipts on file. If you just tell me roughly when you purchased the pattern and the name used to place the order, I can confirm the receipt. šŸ™‚

  6. Hi, Tara! The yardage chart with all measurements is last in the bulleted list in the pattern description (click the link to download the PDF chart). That will give you all you need to determine which pattern is best for your daughter. For the white dresses, I used pima cotton, because it is so soft and drapes beautifully. Quilting cotton tends to be too stiff, even with repeated laundering. Have fun sewing!

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