Designin' DecemberIt has been such a whirlwind of a December that I haven’t been able to sit down at my sewing machine as often as I’d like, but I jumped in last week to make the first of a series of “curtain dresses” out of a green toile given me by a friend who found 30 meters of the fabric in her late mother’s stash. She dared me to make dresses for myself and my daughters a lá Maria in “The Sound of Music,” so I promptly cut out six dresses…and then had no time to sew! Well, I’m doing my best to redeem “Designin’ December” in these last days before Christmas (nothing like a little pressure!), so I’m stitching up my girls’ dresses today through Saturday.

I thought I’d show the results of making my own dress from my new Ladies’ Classic 1950s Wardrobe pattern, as I am super pleased with how it turned out. I opted for the pointed collar and closed the front with a lapped zipper (I’ll be sharing that how-to on the blog in January). The fit is perfect and super easy for this nursing mama. I plan to make a bunch more to do some stash-busting and use up fabric that has been sitting much too long in my cupboards!

Turning up the hem
Turning up the hem…


The toile curtain dress
Quick “mirror selfie” on the day I finished the dress. I paired it with a red belt for Christmas season!


Toile curtain dress from the 1950s Wardrobe Pattern
Here’s the full dress, with my fluffy red petticoat beneath (totally fun for twirling!).


Bodice details of the curtain dress
A closer look at this wonderful toile.


So, how does this fit into “Designin’ December?” Well, all my patterns are inspired by original garments and images from fashions past, and the 1950s Wardrobe Pattern is no exception. I have thousands of 1950s images saved that have inspired me over the years. Here are a couple to show you part of what inspired this dress:

An original shirt dress pattern, ca. 1955
I love the pleated skirt and cuffed sleeves of the dress seen on the left, and I was also inspired to add a pencil skirt option and fitted sleeves by the one on the right.


Simplicity 4530 blouse pattern
I adore the wide pointed collar on this blouse pattern, which inspired the pointed collar option on the dress in my pattern.

So, what inspires you? I would love to see what you’ve been creating this month! Leave a link or comment below to share!

6 comments on “Have you done Designin’ December?”

  1. So pretty! And definitely very Sound of Music! Funny, I was just watching that movie on the weekend, so seeing this dress is awesome! 🙂

    Good luck with Designin’ December! 🙂

  2. I have been seeing this fabric popping up here and there and I just love it’s design. You’ve done a fine job with sewing it up too! And I have to say again thank you for participating… with your dress and your prize donation! 🎊💃🕺🎉

  3. I love love love antique/vintage women’s clothing that is pirate/nautical inspired… like lace up blouses, cargo boots, huge nautical pendant necklaces, etc… kind of like the clothing that the women wear in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” I also get lots of clothing inspiration from my favorite old movies and shows… like Bonanza, The Andy Griffith Show, Sabrina, and lots of others! Thank you for sharing your beautifully made, perfectly fitting “Sound of Music” dress!

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