Edwardian apron sew-alongThe wonderful sisters over at For the Love of Sewing did a five-day sew-a-long for my Edwardian Apron pattern with the most adorable fabrics. Not only do you get all the steps in order with lots of fabulous photos, but you also get to see how to piece together the tiles of the ePattern to make the full-sized sheet and how to modify the length if you want a shorter apron.

Here are the links in order:

Day One: Piecing together the ePattern

Day Two: Cutting out the apron

Day Three: Steps 1-6

Day Four: Finishing details

Day Five: The completed apron!

Edwardian Apron sew-along

Huzzah, ladies! I am so impressed with your beautiful work. I look forward to following more of your sewing adventures, too!

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