We shot photos this weekend for my new Ladies’ 1958 Party Dress pattern, inspired by Ruth Orkin’s iconic “American Girl in Italy” from 1951. When my husband saw the original shot, he said, “Honey, that is the perfect setup for your new pattern!” Of course, Orkin didn’t set up the original–she just caught it as it happened!–but we decided to do a modern riff on it with a Kenyan flair, which resulted in a magical afternoon filled with friends, laughter, and fun.

Here’s the little video I pulled together from D. Dave’s footage (thanks, ddm!). Enjoy!

A huge thank-you goes to Steve Anderson, the talented photographer who put me on his Kenya itinerary, and to D. David Morin of Slingshot Productions, who pulled together extras from his film school here in Nairobi and helped us get the set looking so pitch-perfect. Thanks also to Lorella Jowli of Slingshot for producing all this fun and to my gorgeous (inside and out!) friend Gigi, who is an artist in her own right and consented to do this only once it was clear that she doesn’t “model.” Way to go, Gigi! This never would have happened without your radiance.

As soon as I have the final shots from Steve, I’ll be posting them and putting up the pattern! And stay tuned for some more beautiful shots from my sweet friend Katrina over at Edelweiss Patterns, who spent a weekend sewing madly to create model dresses from the pattern as well. Her photos left me with my jaw hanging. Oh, it’s gonna be fun–I promise yoU!

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  1. Exciting:)!!

    Can’t wait to see the final shots and the pattern itself, and also Katrina’s photos–should be a lot of fun:)!

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