I made both of these dresses from your Swing Dress pattern. It was a lot of fun and easy to make.

The short-sleeved white dress is made out of a reprint flour sack fabric. I had originally wanted to try to use real flour sack fabric from that era but couldn’t find enough flour sacks to work. The reprint fabric was a lucky find. I jokingly refer to it as my “bubble girl dress.”

The fabric for the long-sleeved dress was also a lucky find at $3 a yard. I bought all three yards of it and went to work.

The background is my house that was built in 1936. It made for the perfect backdrop.


Those prints are so retro, Erin! During the war years, ladies used just about any fabrics they could get their hands on, so you’re totally right about flour sacks. There are a lot of reprints from this period at Reproduction Fabrics. Good work!

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