About a year and a half ago, my entire family planned to join my brother and sister for Thanksgiving at their college in Florida. During the trip, my brother, sister, and I were to attend a formal event together. Immediately, of course, my sister and I started dreaming and scheming about what we would wear. We finally settled on making your Regency Gown. My sister and I have both been sewing for a while, so I’m not sure why neither of us caught it, but my sister cut her dress a size too small. By the time she left for the semester, she had succeeded in creating a dress that looked lovely, but was far too big for me and ridiculously small for her. She had resigned herself to wearing another formal gown that had been given to her, but not one to be daunted by a challenging project, I ripped her entire dress out and stitched it all back up with smaller seam allowances. I only needed to cut out new sleeves. (Note: this was 5,000 miles away from her, without any measurements, and it fit like a dream when I surprised her with it!D on’t tell me sisters don’t have intuition 🙂 When that was finished, I made mine, and since I didn’t have the finances to purchase the Spencer Pelisse pattern, Idesigned something similar on my own. The dresses came out beautifully, and we loved wearing them! We felt like princesses that night, and it was special knowing that we had worked on them together!

Erica G.

I love it! Long-distance work can really be a challenge (without measurements?!?), but you did an utterly amazing job, Erica. Looks like you had a wonderful time at the formal!

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