Emma Emma Emma

Emma Emma Emma Emma

Here are several shots from the Miramax “Emma,” starring Gwyneth Paltrow. Clockwise from top left: Day dress of a lovely sage green with a patterned muslin overdress; plainer day dress with gathered bodice and a gorgeous shawl; day dress of striped pink with a more squared neckline; morning dress with “drop-front” bodice; ball gown with sheer sleeves (The shoes are totally wrong, by the way! Pure 1990s.); ball gown again with several other ladies in the background (Note the marvelous skirt trim on the dress in the left corner.); two beautiful ballgowns with great details. At the bottom left is Emma’s wonderful wedding gown with the sheer sleeves and delicate ribbon detailing. Love the veil, too! On the bottom right is the gown Jane Fairfax wears to the wedding. The details are lovely. Note the sleeve trimming, the front buttons and the lace around the neck. I love the delicate undersleeves as well.

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  1. Do you have any information on the men’s costumes in the movie? I actually love what mr. Nightly wears in almost every scene, or would that be weird to wear a period style outfit? i love the jackets but can’t seem to find any like them online.

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